BWFC Supporters' Trust


BWFC Supporters' Trust

Bolton Wanderers Football Club enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust (BWFCST).

That relationship was enhanced when the two signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in August 2021.

Members of the BWFCST regularly meet with senior officials of the football club – including CEO Neil Hart – to discuss and collaborate on all matters of interest to supporters relating to match-day and non-match-day activities and policies.

BWFCST is the official link between the football club and the supporters and fans, whether individually or from other groups, are encouraged to have their voices heard via the Trust.

To find out more information on BWFCST and the chance to join or make contact, click the link here or follow them on Twitter via @BWFCST